Extended Employment Services

Achieve assists people with disabilities or disadvantages achieve greater independence and self-esteem through vocational training and employment.

Extended Employment Services – This program can build upon WAT (Work Adjustment Training) by further preparing individuals for non-sheltered employment, enhancing necessary personal, social, and vocational skills. EES offers a viable employment alternative to individuals who because of their disability may not be able to work in a non-sheltered environment. Like WAT, EES helps participants nurture independence, have purpose and build self-esteem (words used by EES participants to describe the program).

Individuals enter Achieve’s EES program for various reasons, but all must meet certain criteria. Participants must have a disabling condition, be unemployed, and be 18 years of age or older. Another requirement is that participants are responsible for personal care needs, must be able to self-administer any requisite medications, and must not have current behaviors that may be injurious to self or others. A sponsor to pay established fees generally is also a must.

Each individual entering EES faces unique challenges. Some of these are physical and/or mental; others may be substance or alcohol abuse. Each individual requires a program tailored to meet these challenges effectively. Skills and abilities are matched to work assignments enabling individuals to reach their greatest vocational capabilities. Most importantly, participants play a direct role in determining what goals will be addressed in their program.

Similar to WAT, EES can enhance the lives of those in the program. Unlike WAT, EES can be a long-term program. Most importantly, the program bolsters self-worth by teaching those served that they can overcome challenges in their lives and be productive citizens.