Donate your vehicle to Lynchburg Sheltered Industries

Donating your vehicle is fast, easy, tax deductible and is no cost to you. 

How do I start the donation process?
1. Before you get started, you must have the state-issued title in hand when calling or submitting your donation online. 

 2. Donate your vehicle using the online form below, or call a donation service agent at 1-855-527-2232 .
3. The towing company will contact you to arrange a convenient pickup time for your car donation.
4. You will receive the IRS 1098c for your tax deduction within 30 days of the sale of the vehicle.
By donating your vehicle, you support the mission of Lynchburg Sheltered Industries to receive the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle. We have partnered with Melwood’s Charity Car Donations Center to manage and operate our car donation program.  Melwood, a non-profit organization, provides employment and training for individuals with differing abilities. A portion of your car donation will help support Melwood’s important programs.