Day Support Services


Achieve’s adult day support program is a five day a week program for Medicaid Waiver Recipients.  Our program is designed to be a fun, engaging, and safe environment where individuals can thrive and enjoy their time to the fullest. We offer a wide range of activities that cater to different interests and abilities, ensuring that everyone can participate and have a great time.


Participants in our program can enjoy activities like arts and crafts, Wii Sports, music, air hockey, bingo, or trivia games. We offer diverse opportunities for individuals to explore their passions and learn new skills, including cooking, gardening, 3D printing, and making ice cream. They can also socialize with peers in a supportive, inclusive setting. We believe in the importance of joy and laughter for personal growth and work to create a positive and exciting atmosphere.



In our day support program, we prioritize interactive experiences to make each day truly engaging. Our participants have the opportunity to visit local museums, parks, go shopping, and even engage with other local programs to play sports. Participants can also give back to their local community by volunteering with our local Meals on Wheels program.  By incorporating these interactive elements, we aim to create memorable experiences that promote self-expression, build confidence, and encourage social connections among our participants.



At the heart of our program is a dedicated team of enthusiastic and compassionate staff members who are committed to ensuring that each participant feels valued and included. Our staff undergoes specialized training in disability support and person-centered care, enabling them to adapt activities and provide personalized assistance according to individual needs.

We encourage open communication and actively involve participants in program planning, allowing them to have a say in the activities and outings that interest them the most. By fostering a sense of ownership and active participation, we create an environment where individuals with disabilities can flourish, build friendships, and make lasting memories that enrich their lives.